Friday, January 13, 2012

Shop Your Closet: Dinner and a Movie (Date Night)

My husband and I did our monthly dinner and a movie date night, and I really didn't know what to wear. Normally, I would go and at least get a new pair of jeans, but I still sticking with my journey. So I dug in my closet and this is what I came up with. (Side note: We went to see The Devil Inside and I must say it was an awesome movie. Especially if you are into horror and demon possession movies; I give it two thumbs up!)

I just pulled out a sequined front ribbed tank top and threw a crochet sweater and jeans with it. I love to layer and I am really the tank top queen (which you will find out during all these post). I love throwing a tank top under any sweater or shirt just to give it an extra pop of color. Its also very functional during these cold winter months.
What I have learned so far with this process is that accessories are key to magically transform any outfit. You can have something plain, whether it be jeans and a tank top or a solid color dress, and add some accessories to it and just like that you have a completely different look. I'm a huge girlie girl and I love bling, so I paired my outfit with this huge pink and metallic stretch bracelet that I got from Versona Accessories (only $14.99!!) and earrings with pink and gold earrings that a friend of a friend made for me. As far as the shoes, I pulled out my open toe tan military boot to give it that extra kick of fashion. Not only are these heels cute but they are comfy too. (Yes, open toe in January, but it was unusually warm that night) So cute!!
So this is me ready for a night on the town with the love of my life. And to think, this cute look didn't cost me a penny...I think I can get used to this. :)

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