Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shop Your Closet: Return of the Jedi

I was awakened from a pleasant dream by my husband's excitement. He woke me up like a child does his parents on Christmas morning. "Look outside!" He kept repeating over and over again. Slowly, I get out of bed and go to the window in hopes of seeing a mermaid riding a unicorn or something on that level of coolness. What I found was even better...fog. And tons of it! It was so thick that you could only see about ten feet in front of you. I looked at my husband and with saying a word we both had the same thought....Impromptu Photo Shoot!!
My husband is a huge Star Wars fan. He came up with the idea of me wearing my Red Riding hood
costume from last Halloween and taking some pictures outside. And like most hardcore Star War fans, he has a collection of replica lightsabers to complete the look. Since sunrise was upon us, I had approximately ten minutes to get into my costume, fix my hair and makeup, and be Jedi ready. Instead of wearing the shorts and fishnets I wore on Halloween, I just used some black leggings and tall flat boots. It was the fastest that I ever got ready for the photo shoot. We walked around our apartment complex to find the perfect location to start shooting. This was so unplanned, but it turned out to be some best photos that I have ever taken. Between playing in the fog and all the weird looks we got from neighbors walking their dogs in the morning, it was an awesome start to my day.

Until Next Time,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Shop Your Closet: Downtown Career Fair

Finding a job in 2013 is tough. Countless applications completed, phone calls made, and follow ups inquired all in hopes of getting in the door for an interview. And after all that, you still have to impress the company to hire you within fifteen minutes or less. Its exhausting! I'm more of an old school type of person when it comes to job hunting. I prefer to meet people in person, fill out applications in person, and build a relationship with a company that doesn't involve me staring at a computer screen for hours on end. So when I found that a career fair was being held, I jumped at the chance.
I strongly believe that first impressions are essential in creating any type of positive relationship. So when, it comes to job hunting, what you wear is very critical in the hiring process. Unfortunately, I don't wear a lot of profession clothing nor did I have the money to run to the mall and find something new. So I had to become creative. Since I have my new workout shoes, I have been losing weight and I can fit back into pants that I couldn't fit before. So I searched my closet and found some camel colored pants and a cream snaked skinned fabric tank. I also found a coral colored asymmetrical suit jacket. To complete the look, I dusted off my flower printed Guess pumps. Accented my gold earrings and tan tote bag and my look was complete!
I absolutely love color! Needless to say, I was the brightest thing walking around the career fair. Everyone was in your traditional office black, grey, and blues. Is that an unwritten rule that you have to wear those type of drab colors to be considered professional? If so, that's definitely one rule that will never apply to me. :)

Until Next Time,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

American Red Cross Gala: Wrapped in Red

I'm such a girlie girl! Nothing makes me happier than getting all dressed up for a night on the town. So when my friend Kristina invited my husband and I to the Wrapped in Red: American Red Cross Gala, my mind started wondering with all the possibilities.
There was just one hiccup in my master plan. The invitation stated that red attire was highly encouraged, and red is not my color. I just feel like I look as if I'm trying too hard. I didn't want to be the odd one out and not go within the theme, so I had to become creative.
I decided to do a long black dress and then make all of my accessories red. That way the accessories are the focus point and I'm still "wrapped in red" with my jewelry. The best part is that I found a form fitting long dress with a sheer bottom at for $40.69 with shipping and handling. My shoes are from for $35.00 with free shipping. (gotta love that). The red clutch was from TJ Maxx for $16.99. And the statement necklace and earrings are from a custom made jewelry store in Louisville, KY called Koi Gallery. The necklace is called Gypsy Rose. She allowed me to model the necklace and earrings for the evening.

So for an head to toe evening look, I spent $92.68. I love bargain shopping!

Until Next Time,