Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shop Your Closet: Networking Event

Last week, I went to a networking event and I had absolutely no idea what to wear. Anyone who knows me, knows that when it comes to anything concerning business attire, I'm totally clueless. To me, business attire always look kind of dull and boring with your button down shirts and you basic colors of blue,black, or grey. None of which I had in my closet, and I was not about to go out and buy something new to have it rot in my closet after this event was over. So this is where I got creative. I dug deep into my closet and pulled a fuchsia pencil dress with a skinny black belt and some black rose laced Betsy Johnson heels (one that I will blog about later in my one cent wonders segment).  Now, if I did have a career to where I had to dress business professional, this would definitely be the look that I would go for.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Green Dress: Derby Edition

Derby time in Louisville, Ky is our biggest time of the year so you definitely need to look your best every time you step out. Usually when I go out to an event, I have a certain idea of what I want to look like. But this time, I had no idea. Well, one Saturday morning I was doing some errands, and I happen to find myself in Marshalls. I absolutely love that place! If you have some free time to dig, you can definitely come across some bargains. So that particular morning, I came across this long green dress. Now, you know when you find something and it looks really weird on the hanger. Well, this was THAT dress. It was a one shoulder dress with a huge slit up the side and an inner piece on material under it. It's oddness tickled my curiosity so  much that I had to try it on. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised when not only did it fit, but it was only $24.99!! Needless to say, I bought it and it looked amazing for my Derby event. Not to mention that I paired it with some Micheal Kors gold heels (normally retailing at $175) that I got at Zappos for $20.00. So my whole outfit was under $50.00. Not bad for a Kentucky Derby ensemble. So big shout out to Marshalls and Zappos! Hope to see you soon.

Until Next Time...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Direction

I'm back....and this time, I'm 100% dedicated to making this blog work. I got a new laptop and a new outlook on life, so there are no more excuses on why I haven't kept you up to date on my journey. So, this is the new and improved Pretty on a Penny blog and I fully intend to dedicate myself to this blog so that you won't miss any aspect of this transformation. But there will be some changes...

Change #1: No more shopping fast!! YAY!! (just joking! :) ) but seriously, I maintained not to buy anything for six months, except for my new laptop, and I found that I was not happy at all. Granted, I saved a lot of money, but the emotional expense was too much to bear. So instead, I have decided to shop (only when necessary) and put myself on a very strict budget. So there will be new installments on this blog showcasing some excellent bargins that I have found in stores and online. I will still have the Shop your Closet and The Penny Projects so keep a look out for those as well.

Change #2: More tips on budgeting and rebuilding credit. The whole point of this blog was to get my financial house in order and the only thing that I have focused on is shopping. During my blog hiatis, I have discovered tons of tricks to maintain a budget and rebuild my credit. So why not share what I have learned with others?

Change #3: More blogging. I must take responsibility, I have been slacking. There is no excuse for that. So from here on out, I vow to blog at least once a week. Even if there is nothing going on, I will make sure just to pop in and say hello!

I hope you all love the new changes. I think that these changes will only enhance my blog and better discuss my journey with all of those willing to listen.

Until next time...