Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Green Dress: Derby Edition

Derby time in Louisville, Ky is our biggest time of the year so you definitely need to look your best every time you step out. Usually when I go out to an event, I have a certain idea of what I want to look like. But this time, I had no idea. Well, one Saturday morning I was doing some errands, and I happen to find myself in Marshalls. I absolutely love that place! If you have some free time to dig, you can definitely come across some bargains. So that particular morning, I came across this long green dress. Now, you know when you find something and it looks really weird on the hanger. Well, this was THAT dress. It was a one shoulder dress with a huge slit up the side and an inner piece on material under it. It's oddness tickled my curiosity so  much that I had to try it on. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised when not only did it fit, but it was only $24.99!! Needless to say, I bought it and it looked amazing for my Derby event. Not to mention that I paired it with some Micheal Kors gold heels (normally retailing at $175) that I got at Zappos for $20.00. So my whole outfit was under $50.00. Not bad for a Kentucky Derby ensemble. So big shout out to Marshalls and Zappos! Hope to see you soon.

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